October 22, 2006

From The Archive: Meneguar Live At Che Cafe, 2005

Meneguar -- Live At Che Cage, May 15, 2005We get the feeling that for the most part people don't appreciate enough the great resource that is Archive.org. In addition to hosting streams of our favorite Grateful Dead show, downloads of The Conet Project and documenting the existence of our former employers, there is a world of stuff there simply waiting to be discovered. Case in point is this 274MB download of a complete set in nearly full-screen video from our favorite criminally under-rated noise rockers Meneguar.

This is a big download, fer sure, but here are the selling points: decent sound and video quality (although the lighting is sub-optimal); the one stationary camera has a good angle of all the players (although having a second angle would capture more of singer Jarvis Taveniere's action at the mic); and a tight, energetic setlist featuring a half dozen cuts from the triumphant I Was Born At Night ("House Of Cats," "Kids Get Cut," "Hands Off," "Wounded Knee," our favorite "The Temp" and "A Few Minutes An Hour") and one tune we didn't know. As we lament here seemingly every week, we've yet to see Meneguar live, so this video went a long way to satisfying that jones without having to drive several hours. It's a big download to commit to if you aren't a fan, but if you are or would like to be, it's definitely worth it. Read our review of I Was Born At Night here.

Meneguar -- Live At Che Cafe, May 2005 (274MB .wmv file)
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Meneguar | InterWeb
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On a related note, we love this message at the Troubleman Unlimited website [TMU is Meneguar's record label]:

"Everyone is waiting with baited breath for our CMJ plans!!! I keep getting asked, "Hey Mike, are you going to do a killer CMJ show with all the cool DJs and bands? Are you going to DJ your afterparty?? It's gonna be great, I cant wait!!!"

Here's our NYC CMJ schedule:

Fuck the music industry. And fuck you DJs as well

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