October 26, 2006

Today's Hotness: The Good, The Bad And The Queen, Fields

The Good, The Bad And The Queen>> Beginning Friday you can stream video of the live debut of Damon Albarn's new combo The Good, The Bad And The Queen here. The show, whose tickets sold out in record time weeks ago, happened earlier today in the U.K. (well, it was night, U.K. time), so the set list has already been posted at the link above. The video is slated to be up for a week, so make a point to check it out before it goes the way of the DuMont. The Good, The Bad And The Queen also features The Clash's Paul Simonon, Fela Kuti drummmer Tony Allen and Verve guitarist Simon Tong. As we reported last month, the band will release its debut record Jan. 8 and the single "Herculean" will be issued and deleted Oct. 30.

>> Mostly British quintet Fields will release a new single Nov. 20 for the tune "If You Fail We All Fail." The single comes in three formats, and depending on which of these you purchase the additional tracks are either 1) How Are You Now? (CD single); 2) two different remixes of the title track (7"); 3) a radio edit of the titular single and "Weave A Noose" on the b-side (7" gatefold vinyl). Not sure if this single will get issued domestically, but here's hoping. We recently gushed over how great Fields' recently issued 7 From The Village is here.

>> Pfork posted a nice interview with Brooklyn-based nu-gaze faves Asobi Seksu Wednesday and you can read it here. There aren't any huge revelations, but it is interesting to learn the story behind the song "Strawberries," and that the building the band recorded its excellent Citrus in was plagued by bedbugs during the sessions.

>> An interesting tidbit in this B-Vegan interview with The Big Sleep's Danny Barria. Mr. Barria, who we first encountered as a sideman to late lamented/ :: clicky clicky :: all-time-fave indie rockers Haywood, has also played with Mahogany. We promise we'll stop talking about Mahogany now.

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