September 25, 2006

Today's Hotness: The Good, The Bad And The Queen, Logh

The Good, The Bad And The Queen -- Herculean>> We don't typically follow the musical endeavors of former Blur fronter and Gorillaz member Damon Albarn, and we don't really go in for gimmick, but this NME item really jumped out at us. Mr. Albarn's latest project The Good, The Bad And The Queen, which includes former The Clash bassist Paul Simonon on bass, will release its debut single "Herculean" in the U.K. Oct. 30. The gimmick? The single will be deleted the very same day, which we believe means you've got one day to buy the thing. Instant collector's item! The move seems fitting for the fairly hyped band, whose live debut -- slated for Oct. 26 -- sold out in a record-setting half hour. According to this Wikipedia entry, The Good, The Bad And The Queen's self-titled debut will be released Jan. 8, 2007, and there is a video teaser at the band's web site here. We are definitely intrigued.

>> Understated Swedish indie rock sextet Logh has posted online a portion of a new demo for the tune "The Black Box" and some pictures from the band's current recording session for the follow-up to the band's superlative A Sunset Panaorama. The thing is, we've got no idea how to access it. The band points to this site, which features a graphic of a bunch of broken glass. All we've determined is that if you click on a piece of glass it disappears, and if you alternate clicks on glass shards and the legend "IV" at upper left, you can get all the glass pieces to disappear. Logh, you are making it really hard for fans to get at your stuff. Maybe we are just a little dense, but we just can't figure it out. We reviewed A Sunset Panorama here [scroll down to Oct. 7, 2005].

>> We're excusing some adolescent/overly idealistic lyrics in this tune because we love fuzzy guitar-pop with great melodies. So check out the video for Scottish quartet The View's "Superstar Tradesman" [WM]. The song has been generating some radio buzz across the pond and will be issued as a single Oct. 23 in the UK. Here's The View's web site.

>> Looks like Stars' web site got hacked.

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