September 10, 2006

This Is Our 500th Post.

Originally we thought it would be funny to just state that this is our 500th post and leave the post at that, you know, blow off the milestone. Sort of Replacements-ian humor, if you will. But the Good Doctor's YLT video the other day got us thinking about whether we had any video to share. Then we remembered TymMac sent us a digital rip of Kam Fong's "Roger And Rerun" video, shot circa 1995. Yours truly appears in the video (as "man kidnapped from raft in pool, thrown against van, face duct-taped, etc.") along with a number of other hometown luminaries to which we refer here often. We seem to recall posting this video as a Quicktime download a while back, but now with the advent of YouTube we're able to just throw it up at the top of this item. No more commentary. Just watch the rock.

1 comment:

Jay said...

KF kicks arse!!