September 4, 2006

Today's Hotness: A-Sides, Pernice Brothers, Psapp

The A-Sides>> Hot news out of Philadelphia in our absence: The A-Sides have completed its sophomore set Silver Storms, which the band hopes to issue in 2007. As we alluded to here in May, the indie quintet had a proposed record deal fall through, and so now The A-Sides are looking for a label to issue the new set. In the meantime, the band is offering one of the new tracks, "Cinematic," as a free download here. The superlative song employs the sort of moody and atmospheric guitar work the act closed its debut with (during the amazing shoegaze track "Here Or There") before bursting into a typically soaring melodic chorus. Definitely download this. And fercrissakes, someone sign these guys.

>> You can stream three tunes from the forthcoming Pernice Brothers set here. You've likely already heard one of them, the big strummer "Somerville" (and heard it on college radio -- if you live in the Boston area, anyway). The two other cuts on offer are a revamped version of Scud Mountain Boys' "Grudge Fu**" that has "2006" appended to its title, and "Cruelty To Animals." You may recall that we wrote about a fab Pernice Brothers pre-order proposition here before our recent vacation, which was very nice, thanks for asking.

>> British electrotwee due Psapp will issue a third (we think) single from their most recent set The Only Thing I Ever Wanted Sept. 18. The digital/vinyl-only single for "Hi" also includes the heretofore unreleased cut "Apple Block." You can watch the video for "Hi" in three different flavors of streaming media: RM | QT | WM

>> In a move similar to that of labelmate Clark, electronic music impresario Squarepusher is promoting the forthcoming release of the full length Hello Everything with a series of digital singles, only one of which will appear on the album. The first single, "Welcome To Europe," will be available via and other digital storefronts Sept. 4. Successive singles will follow at two-week intervals. Warp is slated to release Hello Everything Oct. 16.

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