August 31, 2006

hellooooooo. Noise For Toaster here.

what up people? this is shan from Noise For Toaster, and i'm here for a little sumpin'-sumpin' and a little guest posting action. yep. forgive the repost, but i found these guys the other day and i can't get enough of what i've heard...

thanks guys, for checking the wonderfulness that occurs multiple times daily here at Clicky Clicky (love all the double colons, classy stuff Jay has going on here). i think the concept of having guest posters is so much fun. it's like going into your yearbook after it's been passed around and seeing all of the really lame things everyone wrote about you, knowing that what you wrote was just infinitely better. sorry, Jay, i'm one of those "hopefully i'll see you over the summer lolz" ones today.

insert perfect quip here,

snakes on a shan

Colour Revolt - Mattresses Underwater
track review

emails skate by me unopened, unchecked, "marked as read" and i move on. it's just the way it goes; it has to be, or i'd be swimming in writing, constant writing, and i can't do that and live at the same time. no one can truly balance the application of paint to a canvas with fingers on a laptop keyboard; i don't work in a cubicle, on a computer, nor do i own a sidekick or a blackberry. with these factors i am at an automatic detriment to the quantity of posts i am able to make.

but this morning i clicked, for no reason, on the myspace link of a band with a silly name - bad rock, i supposed, or emo in disguise (i'm still waiting for this latter suspicion to be true). but that wasn't what i was met with at all. gentle piano (albeit lo-fi) tinkers and waves calmly, leading the way, enter vocals then drums. a pretty falsetto able to turn from melancholically light to downright frustrated, an angry uprise. just under two mintues, add strings? you're kidding! a raw version of the sonorous Americana in Band of Horses with vocals like that of Tapes 'n Tapes leaning against a tinny and outright guitar. good indie rock, soaring folky pop.

i loved the track, enough to be jumpy in my english and cry out on a Saturday (reminder: in the middle of New Hampshire) to say to you - hear this track. i think you'll be sold on buying their upcoming debut self-titled EP (on Esperanza Plantation).

::::love them with me: Colour Revolt - Mattresses Underwater

order the EP from the 'Camp, and check their myspace for very useful info (linked above) like tour dates and contact info.

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