August 15, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Human Television's "In Front Of The House"

There is a guy in a purple shirt in this video who does some very funny and exuberant dancing. Not only did that make us smile, but we also have a shirt exactly like that. Perhaps you've seen it. Anyway, Human Television: about six weeks ago we headed over to and bought their entire catalog (two full lengths and an EP). This was spurred by a trip to the act's MySpace after recalling that members of HT were in the current touring version of the Lilys. "In Front Of The House" is definitely one of the now Philly-based band's best jams. The way the singer strums that mini gee-tar in hyperfast, jittery motion is unnerving in an interesting way, and we love when the camera cuts to him at the end of the verses for the delivery of his deadpan "yeah." As far as subject matter goes, the video seems to encapsulate life in one's early 20s, right down to apartment living and trash picking. Maybe that was just our early 20s. Either way, this is a really great song. You should also check out the clip for the title track to the band's most recent record, Look At Who You Are Talking To, here. How crazy talented is this kid? Human Television plays Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool with The Walkmen and Dr. Dog Aug. 27.

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