August 7, 2006

That Was The Show That Was: Scissormen

Scissormen's Ted DrozdowskiImagine our surprise to be attending a wedding in rural New Hampshire this past Saturday when a rock show broke out. Unbeknownst to us Boston-based (for a little while longer anyway) blooze-rockers the Scissormen had been booked in to rock the coctail hour, and the duo hit the makeshift, floor-level, tent-covered stage at our friends' wedding and blasted through about an hour of liquor-charged, Mississippi-fied electric stompers. We'd seen the band two or three years back at a short-lived incarnation of the Cantab Lounge basement, so we know their sound, but we have to admit ignorance as far as most of their catalog goes. We are certain the band played "Whiskey And Maryjane" and "Death Letter," both of which are at the band's web site here. Needless to say, a good time was had by all the unwitting wedding guests/show-goers, many of whom had their tables stood on, beers used as guitar slides or chairs used for that same purpose. We'll post a link to a Flickr set of the band's performance at a later date, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures of Scissormen Ted and Rob rocking out, wedding-style.

Scissormen | web site
Scissormen | MySpace

[Note: The picture of drummer Rob Hulsman was messing with our page layout. Look for it in the Flickr set when that goes up]

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