August 20, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 8.22.06

Eric Bachmann -- To The RacesYou probably noticed we skipped Rack And Opinion last week. You didn't miss anything; there were a couple Monkees reissues, there was the Sex Pistols reissue, and that was it. This week, in contrast, offers a bounty of indie rock delights the number of which we haven't seen in months; the likes of which, if you are among our readers still engaged in higher education (or lower), will drain your bank account quick, fast and in a hurry.

We've already heard a few of these, and we've reviewed Darker My Love here and Uzeda here. To hear Mr. 'Nac tell it, the real gold may be the Eric Bachmann set, his Saddle Creek and solo debut all wrapped up in one; we just hit the album stream at Aversion and are pleased with what we heard (acoustic and lively, as opposed to acoustic and dull). Beyond that, this week is all about picking personal favorites. If you have a crush on Stars' Amy Millan, she's got her first proper solo record this week. If you like to drive around intently smoking and listening to the literate wisdom of John Darnielle, there's a new Mountain Goats set this week. All these and the rest of our picks for the week are listed below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with our former bicycle repair men over at Insound.

Eric Bachmann -- To the Races -- Saddle Creek
Broadcast -- Future Crayon (B-Sides/Rarities) -- Warp
Cursive -- Happy Hollow -- Saddle Creek
Darker My Love -- Darker My Love -- Dangerbird
Jennifer O'Connor -- Over The Mountains, Accross The Valley, and Back To The Stars -- Matador
Lambchop -- Damaged -- Merge
Amy Millan -- Honey From the Tombs -- Arts & Crafts
The Mountain Goats -- Get Lonely -- 4AD
Snowden -- Anti-Anti -- Jade Tree
Supersystem -- A Million Microphones -- Touch + Go
Tortoise -- A Lazarus Taxon -- Thrill Jockey
Uzeda -- Stella -- Touch + Go
M. Ward -- Post-War -- Merge

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