August 17, 2006

Today's Hotness: Sean Lennon, Interpol, Lemonheads

Sean Lennon>> To hear him tell it, Rock n' Roll prince Sean Lennon should have the blues, big-time. Of his forthcoming sophomore set Lennon says, "Basically, all the songs are pretty recent. They're all about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend and its demise, and also my best friend having had an affair with her." Billboard has the full interview here. Lennon's Friendly Fire streets Sept. 26 on Capitol. Also interesting: Harper Simon, son of esteemed folkie Paul, is the main guitarist on the record.

>> Speaking of Capitol, Billboard's follow-up on the news that uplifting mope rockers Interpol have signed with the major label is filled with interesting numbers. To whit: Turn On The Bright Lights, the band's debut full-length issued by Matador, has sold 438,000 copies since its release in 2002. Antics, the band's second set, has sold 435,000 copies since its release in 2004. Capitol first met with Interpol in 2001, prior to the band's attachment to Matador. More info in the article here.

>> Chief Lemonhead Evan Dando is already putting the cart before the horse, album-wise. Although The Lemonheads' eponymous Vagrant set, the first in 10 years under the Lemonheads banner, doesn't come out until next month, Dando tells LiveDaily here, "I want to do another [album] right away. I'm going to be writing on tour. And I want to get right in the studio and do another one, I hope, at Fort Collins with Bill [from The Descendents] again." According to the uberfans at the forums at EvanDando.Co.UK, U.S. tour dates are starting to pop up hither and thither. We're crossing our fingers for a warm-up show for the tour in Boston. Make it happen, Vagrant.

>> Band fronter Kele Okereke here talks about the new Bloc Party record with NME. We're excited by the things he says.

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