August 27, 2006

Free Range Music: Clark/Broadcast's "Herr Barr..." [MP3]

ClarkLanguishing in our inbox for much of the last week is an email from Warp reporting that IDM luminary Clark, formerly known as Chris Clark, is offering free MP3s at this site to promote the release of his forthcoming set Body Riddle. The first MP3 is already up -- it's an improvised collaboration with labelmate Broadcast that reimagines "Herr Barr," the opening cut to Clark's Throttle Furniture EP, which Warp released in March. The improvised version is substantially spookier and sounds fairly deconstructed compared to the original. Hit the link below to download the cut and hear for yourself. Clark will post two additional tracks to the site between now and the release of Body Riddle Oct. 2.

Clark/Broadcast -- "Herr Barr (Reinterpretation/Improvisation)" -- Throttleclark Exclusives
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