August 26, 2006

Going Places: Good Morning

Good morning Boston Globe readers. And Pet Sounds blog readers [link]. For those who don't read the newspaper anymore, we were in it today [feature here] alongside some of our better-known Boston blogger brethren. You've arrived just in time to see us post for a couple more days and then go on vacation through Labor Day. But fret not, :: clicky clicky :: will not be entirely idle in our absence. Our trusty cohort KoomDogg and our new acquaintance Shan/Noise For Toaster will make a post each while we are gone. Before our departure Tuesday we've got our usual mix of news, release information, and links to music slated to go online. In addition, the long-awaited third installment of our feature Show Us Yours is about ready to post. Featured this go-'round is rising Philadelphia shoegaze act Relay. Anyhow, welcome, and make yourselves comfortable.

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Steve Sherlock said...

good morning, in addition to the Boston Globe article today, the Hitchhiker Team also wrote about your blog here:

Keep up the good work!