August 19, 2006

Going Places: NEMO Music Festival Preview

NEMO Music FestivalBoston's annual NEMO Music Festival will descend on our metro area Sept. 28-30, and bands confirmed to play along include Yo La Tengo, Be Your Own Pet, Frank Smith (who we saw open for the New Pronoungraphers earlier this summer with Mr. 'Nac -- they were ace), Girl Talk, Ladytron, The Long Winters and the Scissormen. You can read the full slate of confirmed acts right here. NEMO is offering access to a page we presume is filled with MP3-alicious goodness to music fans who get a free card with an access code on it from the world's caffeine-dealing overlords, Starbucks. Once you get your card, hit this link, where the coffee conglomerate promises you can download all you want through Oct. 1. It sounds like you have to get your card by Aug. 31, so don't blow it, although we expect most of the music available will be the typical free tracks the bands post on their own site or MySpace dojos anyway. We need to get Mrs. Clicky Clicky to head to Starbucks this weekend so we can get inside the page and poke around, and we'll let you know of any stellar finds.

Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the fact that we will be speaking on a NEMO panel about MP3 blogs with many of your favorite Boston bloggers. So if you'll be attending the conference, come on down and say hello. Badges are apparently $100 for the whole weekend, which, if you amortize that over the slate of great bands noted supra, turns out to be a pretty good deal.

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shan said...

wooo. thanks for reminding me of this.