August 17, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Kaki King's "Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers"

This is one of our favorite jams from the new Kaki King record ...Until We Felt Red. This particular live performance, at an art gallery or some other sterile environment in Connecticut, is remarkable for a couple different reasons. Most importantly, we had no idea that this track was comprised of loops that Ms. King creates on the fly -- even the percussion. We'd only ever seen her performing live on an acoustic on Letterman or Conan or something where it was just her and a guitar, so I guess it just never occurred to us, even after we heard the new joint. Anyway, the song is mesmerizing in and of itself, but watching her piece it together is relaxing and hypnotic. The camera work of this clip is obviously not even close to pro, but it adds a bit of DIY flare to the performance. If you'd like to check out a professionally produced video, head over here to Stereogum, which has posted the video for the new cut "Yellowcake."

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Kaki King | web site

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Lucas said...

I remember seeing Kaki King way back in the day at Somerville Theatre when she opended for one of my favorite college jam bands, The Slip.

She's one hell of a talented musician.