August 25, 2006

Today's Hotness: Pernice Brothers, Icy Demons, Say Hi To Your Mom

The Pernice Brothers -- Live A Little Bonus Disc>> The latest update from Joe Pernice and his Pernice Brothers brings news of an attractive pre-order proposition for the band's forthcoming sixth record. Fans who pre-order Live A Little directly from Ashmont Records will receive a bonus CD containing 17 tracks including demo versions of every song on the record as well as "weirdo alternate mixes of songs that Joe and Mike Deming thought sounded good really late at night in the studio after a long day of repeated listenings to one line of one song in search of nirvana." Each bonus CD comes in a paper sleeve signed by Mr. Pernice himself. No promo copies of the bonus disc will be distributed -- if you music journos out there want the extra goodies, pony up. The deal is good through Sept. 22. As entertaining as the record is the email update, and we highly recommend signing up for the Pernice Brothers' funny and self-effacing emails -- they are the best emails we get, hands down. For more wildly entertaining writing, check out the blog on the newly redesigned Pernice Brothers site here. The very first entry went up today; apparently Joe became a dad three weeks ago. You can also stream a couple Pernice Brothers albums at the new site. Cool.

>> Word came across the teletype this afternoon that the release dates of Icy Demons' Tears Of A Clone and A Cloud Mireya's Singular have been pushed back. The sets, which we've reviewed here and here respectively, will still be released on Scott Herren's Eastern Developments label, but they will now hit racks Oct. 31 instead of next month. The reason for the delay, according to a person in the know, is that Eastern Developments has recently entered into a distribution deal with Caroline, and getting the records properly situated in the Caroline pipeline will take that extra bit of time.

>> Tripwire here informs us that indie pop mopers Say Hi To Your Mom are seeking a female singer to round out its sound. The band, which just got back from touring its recent release Impeccable Blahs, hopes to have the new singer on board for a five-week national tour that starts in October. More details and a few MP3s at the link above.

>> Billboard has details of two forthcoming Pinback CDs, one a compilation and the other an all new set due in 2007, here.

>> Finally, an update on the non-existent pre-release album stream of the TV On The Radio record that we first wrote about last night. As of tonight there is still no stream in our digital locker. Based on our hitlogs it appears that overseas customer service folks in India and Ireland reviewed the complaint we sent last night. While they did get our digital locker populated with a lot of pictures of our recent Amazon purchases, that was about all they accomplished. At 6:30PM this evening we received an email stating in part "I'm sorry, but we will need to research this situation further. We will write back to you with an answer within the next 3-5 business days." How does this equate to being able to instantly access the stream upon purchase as promised by the band and Amazon? It doesn't. The email included a link where we could express ourselves, so we did. We'll let you know when we finally get to hear some rock out of this deal. Has anybody else run into this problem? If so, hit the comments.


jbreitling said...

I'm re-posting the comment from my man Zisson, which I accidentally deleted while juggling my coffee:

"Sweet picture in the Globe of clicky clicky man. just wondering if Truck-Living Guy was hanging out in the same alley.


Jay said...

Continuation of Webnoize in-joke:

If you look closely, you can make out the shifty form of Happy Reading Guy as he shambles by reading the latest Harry Potter book for the 37th time.

End of Webnoize in-joke.