August 24, 2006

Today's Not-Hotness: Amazon Botches TVOTR Album Stream Offer

TV On The Radio -- Return To Cookie MountainOr so it would seem. According to a MySpace message from the band, if you pre-order TV On The Radio's excellent Return To Cookie Mountain from you can immediately access a stream of the record. So of course we did it (incidentally, Amazon is selling the record for $10.99). The page for the record states: "Order Return to Cookie Mountain (with Bonus Tracks) now and receive immediate access to the following in Your Media Library: An audio stream of the album." If you've been keeping track of Amazon's relatively under-the-radar Your Digital Locker service (and who hasn't, right?), you will notice that it has been rechristened Your Media Library when you go to access the album stream. This is likely related to Amazon's future digital media strategy, which probably will prominently feature video content. But enough about that. What we noticed first when we got to our Media Library was that the album stream wasn't there. What? Where is our instant gratification?

We found a page titled "Bonus Content Promotion" that explained the stream would only be available through Oct. 1, and that the offer to get the stream with the album purchase runs from Aug. 7 to Sept. 24. Fine. But where is the stream? We checked the main page for the album again: no dice. We logged off and then logged back on. We even manually added the album to our Media Library. Nada. So Dear Amazon: you owe us the warm, fuzzy feeling of instant gratification. We certainly wouldn't have pre-ordered without the enticement of the album stream, because we know our friendly neighborhood Newbury Comics record shoppe would be cutting us a good deal come September. Oh well. Anyway, check out the track listing for the record, which streets Sept. 12, at Stereogum here or Amazon here.


Ric said...

Insound similarly fucked me on the recent Yo La Tengo promotion. I pre-ordered and received nothing. Email was ignored.

jbreitling said...

Strangely, I got the YLT promotion thing square, but now I get an email from them every few days as if I've just signed up with them. I think something must be screwy on the back-end. It took me a few tries with the YLT season pass to get the music player to render correctly so I could use the buttons -- without the buttons it just streams "Goodkind" and stops. Anyway, I finally got to hear the record, which is nice.