July 10, 2006

Review: Darker My Love | Darker My Love

Darker My Love -- Darker My LoveEqual parts Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jesus And Mary Chain, fuzz and reverb, forceful rhythm and dreamy drone, L.A.-based foursome Darker My Love's self-titled set is an unmitigated rock record the aural stripe of which we haven't heard in some time. The band previously released an EP and as soon as Darker My Love was in the can last summer it earned raves here from the lovably acerbic tastemakers over at Buddyhead. The record, which is a recent :: clicky clicky :: Now Sound Fave (see righthand column), found a home with Hollywood-based indie Dangerbird, which will issue it Aug. 22. The set crests high upon an obviously different, more rootsy section of the wave of shoegaze revival that has buoyed recent releases from east coast phenoms including Asobi Seksu and Dirty On Purpose.

Featuring former members of Nerve Agents and The Distillers, Darker My Love distinguishes itself via a reverence to classic rock's blues underpinnings and psychedelic expansiveness. If you are on the west coast you've got 11 chances to see the band perform these 12 solid tracks between now and when the record hits racks. Check out the dates at the band's MySpace casa here. Dangerbird is offering up the narcotic and hip-shaking album closer "Summer Is Here" as a download. Check it out.

Darker My Love -- "Summer Is Here" -- Darker My Love
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