July 2, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Cheap Trick on Conan O'Brien

Remember the other day when we mentioned how Cheap Trick totally killed it on Conan O'Brien earlier in the week? Check it out for yourself below. Here's the band doing "Perfect Stranger" from their new album Rockford Thursday night. Or is that Friday morning? Whatevs... The song starts a minute and a half into the clip. Robin Zander has put on a few, hasn't he? He's starting to look like Vince Neil. Or vice-versa. He also sings this number like he is Roy Orbison, not necessarily a bad thing, but we were a bit surprised. How effortlessly awesome of a guitarist is Rick Neilson?

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Jay said...

Yeah, they rocked it. I agree about Zander. When I saw CT on their club tour circa '97 (they played three shows in each city, playing one of their first three albums in its entirety), Zander was still pretty skinny. But he seems to have chunked up a bit. Whereas Nielsen seems to have lost a few pounds and shaved off that silly braided beard thing he had going, so now he looks close to how he did back in tha day. Whatevah the case, they still sound great.