July 9, 2006

Going Places: Guest Posting At Tiny Idols

Whorl -- Maybe It's Better b/w Christmas -- Slumberland DRYL-11We'd like to point out for the record that we've put up a guest post here at Tiny Idols, wherein we pay homage to one of the greatest Slumberland singles, DRYL-11, better known as Whorl's "Maybe It's Better" b/w "Christmas," and where we've posted a poppy and crackly rip of the A-side for download. The song is one of our favorites, to the extent that our college band Torgo covered it some 12 years ago. We are loathe to put on display our own musical abilities, or perhaps more accurately a lack thereof, but since we're already pointing you toward our Tiny Idol guest post, we might as well vainly let you know that you can stream the Torgo version of the Whorl track at the former band's obligatory posthumous MySpace site here. Obviously the real deal from Whorl is superior, but perhaps some will find it interesting to hear another take on the otherwise awesome number.


Queen of Sheba said...

Saw on tourb.us you had the Pela/Dirty on Purpose show listed. Didja go?

jbreitling said...

I would have liked to, but I was entertaining family from out of town and we were pretty wiped by showtime. So we (quite literally, in the car, waving at the venue) passed on it. I hope to get another shot tho, because I really enjoy the DOP record a lot.

Been meaning to pimp tourb.us a little bit but things have been hectic. For those who aren't in the know, check it out here:


I'll definitely be at Burma later this week.