July 17, 2006

Review: Lisa Papineau | Night Moves

Lisa Papineau -- Night MovesWe're suspicious when an act has its identity perfectly and consistently represented seemingly everywhere on the Internet (apparently so is Wikipedia). There's just something weird about being able to Google an indie act and finding all information nodes completely stocked with deep, helpful information. That unsettling feeling is both caused and ameliorated by New England-native Lisa Papineau, whose soothing new set Night Moves streets this week on LunaticWorks/Sony. If her very thorough Wikipedia entry can be trusted, Papineau is something of a renaissance woman working in theater, film and music, and although her name may not be immediately familiar to you, we are fairly certain you have heard her voice on standout records including AIR's 10,000 HZ Legend and Talkie Walkie and M83's Before The Dawn Heals Us.

Ms. Papineau's pedigree is lengthy: she has some relationship with Sissy Bar, an indie band operating in the '90s that issued an irresistable twee-ish cover of Snoop Dogg's "Gin And Juice." Truth be told, the Sissy Bar connection, whatever it may be, is what prompted us to give Papineau's stylistic amalgamation of Tori Amos (who apparently signed Papineau to her own Igloo imprint in the '90s) and Modern Rock radio sounds several chances. Night Moves is comprised of downbeat, emotive pop and there is some memorable electronic production. The set is also presistently slick. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as we can hardly fault Ms. Papineau for making what sounds like a very commercially viable set. For the most part, however, the set's just not our bag. We'd argue its mood is so static that Ms. Papineau's balladry has a hard time distinguishing its various flavors. Even so, there are a couple great hooks in here, and we recommend those interested in hearing what Papineau has to offer seek out the tracks "LP Beat" and "Saxophone Calypso."

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