July 13, 2006

From the Admin Cubicle: Mission Of Burma Tonight

No action here tonight, as we are getting set for the Mission of Burma/Neptune show later this evening, which we will be attending with Sir Koom-A-Lot. We haven't seen Burma since the first or second reunion show at Avalon in... uh, 2003? We think that's right. We saw Clint Conley's Consonant the fall prior at a "secret" show at Lilli's or whatever it was called then. That's probably more than a lot of people under 40 have seen any of the chaps play. But we're still excited for tonight. And we'd venture to say we're equally excited to see Neptune again. They slayed so hard supporting Witch in March that we skipped Witch and went home. For reals. Anyway, we'll be back at the end of the weekend.

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