July 4, 2006

Today's Hotness: Thom Yorke, Morr Music, Psapp

Have You Seen This Man?>> XL appears to have a cool promotion going for the forthcoming Thom Yorke solo set The Eraser, which streets July 11. While not explicitly stated, this link seems to indicate that the label is positioning a large manneguin of sorts around London (we presume it is London) with a pair of dangling headphones along with it. We expect that the headphones offer passersby a chance to [legally] hear the record prior to its release. Additionally, at the web site linked above you can upload a picture of yourself and the mannequin, should you be lucky enough to happen upon it. We dunno, in a way there is not a lot of "there" there, but in another way we think we'd be really psyched if we were walking around London and happened upon this.

>> Even with the current horrible USD to pounds sterling exchange rate Boomkat's prices on its new Morr Music promotion here look pretty good. The Blue Skied An' Clear double disc is easily worth whatever 5 pounds works out to be on any given day. Anyway, the feature also includes an interview with Morr co-founder Thomas Morr. Things you might not have known: Morr and his partner are from Hameln, the setting for the famous Pied Piper tale; Morr regrets having turned down signing The Postal Service; he listens to all received demos personally and knows in a minute or less whether he is into your band; the first record he purchased was Kiss' Dynasty. There's tons more to learn at the link, and ample opportunity to fill out your record collection.

>> Psapp's flash game is as cute as you expect, but either it is deceptively hard or we can't quite figure out what we are supposed to do. Anyway, check it out at the link above. Psapp's sophomore set The Only Thing I Ever Wanted streeted earlier this month on Domino.

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