July 16, 2006

Farmhands Fungo And Backstop Marry . . .

... or Dig And Wiggle Consecrate Merger. Whichever headline you prefer. Yesterday we witnessed what is likely, in our opinion, the wedding to end all weddings in a suburb north of Boston, beside a pond. You may wonder how, if at all, this post is rock-related. Well, as it happens, the wedding conjoined two members of The Farmhands, baseball's only indie rock band, or is that indie rock's only baseball band? That sounds a bit more right. Farmhands Fungo and Backstop's wedding was frankly both spectactular and astonishing, but it seems odd to go into great length here. Suffice it to say, there was rock. A Fungo-penned non-Farmhands track was incorporated into the ceremony, Fungo and Backstop took the stage for a few songs as their former duo Dig And Wiggle early on in the reception, and even Farmhand Sac Fly, who also occasionally moonlights in the act Girlfriend 2000, also did a few Farmhands numbers acoustic and solo. We'd like to officially proffer yet again our felicitations to the happy couple, and offer up some Farmhands tunes in honor of the occasion.

The Farmhands -- "Red Sox Fever" -- American League
The Farmhands -- "Dodger Blue (L.A.)" -- National League

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