July 24, 2006

Today's Hotness: Dinosneaker Jr., The Concretes, Erase Errata

Dinosaur Jr. Nikes as pictured at Stereogum.com>> Holy cow! Dinosaur Jr. sneakers! We would totally buy some if they weren't so damn ugly! A friend of ours made a crack about this being a true sign of "selling out," but we can't imagine the venture will yield enough money to raise it to such a level. These guys hate the idea and bust out some sort of business school analysis. If you're into that sort of thing. Truth is, if the shoes cost less then $40, we'll get a pair. [latter link via / image via the 'Gum]

>> PorkFork reports here that Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman has left the Swedish octet, errrr, septet. The band plans to soldier on without her, while Ms. Bergsman, who co-founded The Concretes 11 years ago, is already preparing for a solo release. We can't imagine it will be easy for the remaining Concretes to choose a new lead vocalist with such a fetching voice.

>> According to a helpful email, Arts & Crafts will issue an album of Stars remixes titled Do You Trust Your Friends this fall. The set is a track-by-track re-imagining of Stars 2005 joint Set Yourself On Fire, and remixers include Broken Social Scene, Metric and Junior Boys. So there you go. Frank Chromewaves here points to a new video for the band's tune "Sleep Tonight."

>> The forthcoming Hold Steady set Boys And Girls In America isn't a concept record, it's a theme record, or so Craig Finn tells Billboard here today. Besides some minor illumination of producer John Agnello's contributions to the recording process, there's not much new in Billboard's piece.

>> We're saying "awesome" in regards to the newly released video for Erase Errata's new tune "Tax Dollar," and not just because one of the women went on some dates with a guy we lived with in college. It's a stop-motiontastic video with a lot of green plastic army men -- what's not to like? Kill Rock Stars releases the band's third record Nightlife tomorrow.

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