July 20, 2006

Today's Hotness: Lemonheads, Keith Fullerton Whitman, JAMC

Evan Dando as shot by Stuart Goodwin July 2006, cropped>> Here's something interesting. During two Lemonheads shows last weekend in the U.K. it appears the band played a grand total of one new song. This could be because the backing band fronter Evan Dando was using weren't the two chaps from the Descendents he recorded his forthcoming record with, and so the sidemen might not have been all that familiar with the new jams. The duo backing Dando included the former drummer for Radish, Ben Kweller's former combo. Anyway, you can check out set lists from last week's shows here and here, and read a contrarian viewpoint to the shows at this EvanDando.Co.UK posting. Vagrant releases the first new Lemonheads album in 10 years, a self-titled set, this fall. [Photo credit: Stuart Goodwin, EvanDando.Co.UK]

>> Recommended reading: PorkFork here interviews electronic music superstar Keith Fullerton Whitman, who discusses why he made a live record, his love affair with musique concrete and electronic music from 1950 to 1970, and his hunt for vintage self-released electronic albums. Elsewhere, RollingStone.com here executes a breezy interview with Ira and James from Yo La Tengo, who supply some quotes to help prop up the aging music mag's preview of the forthcoming set I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, which is obviously the best, or at least toughest, album title since Don Caballero's debut For Respect.

>> We know everybody else has already advised you to do so, but we feel it necessary to emphasize that you should hit this link and check out the new jam from The Pernice Brothers, "Somerville," particularly the metaphoric video. While you're in the video-watching mood, why not check out this new one from I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, "According To Plan."

>> You can preview a meshy, melodic and Manitoba/Caribou-ish track from the forthcoming set from Clark entitled Body Riddle at the Warp Records web site here. The track is called "Ted," and another version of it is on the Renaissance 12" on sale now. Body Riddle streets in the first week of October. If you'd prefer to hear something classic, why not hoof it on over to Rbally.net and/or the Hype Machine and check out the amazing live Jesus And Mary Chain set from 1987 he has posted here? It's from a show in Vienna, Austria and it includes our all-time favorite JAMC jam "Everything Is Alright When You're Down."

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