July 30, 2006

Today's Hotness: Weekend Speed Round

TV On The Radio>> Wowsers -- Interscope labelmates Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On The Radio are playing a free show at Boston's City Hall Plaza Thursday Aug. 10 at 6PM, according to Music Slut here.

>> Someone's been pretending to be Bob Mould on MySpace. Now Bob mad, Bob smash. Apropos of nothing, former Archers of Loaf/Crooked Fingers honcho Eric Bachmann is starting to look like Bob Mould -- check the picture at this Billboard item.

>> Carl Wilson here tantalizes fans/readers with the prospect of a new musical project over at Zoilus [Update: Read Frank's comment for evidence of my feeble foible, and for an awesome band name idea -- Too Many Carls].

>> Here are pics of The Cure in the studio earlier this month working on their forthcoming release, expected to street on or around Halloween.

>> The kids on the street here say the new Gorilla Biscuits songs leave a lot to be desired.

>> The New York Times discovers minimal techno here.


frank said...

Carl Wilson isn't in the New Pornographers, he's the guy who runs Zoilus. You're thinking Carl Newman. Too many Carls.

jbreitling said...

Gah! What a rookie move... I don't know why I never put two and two together on that... Or two and one, I guess. thanks Frank!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we Canadian Carls, we all look alike. Even when we are in totally different parts of the country.

The musical project to which I was referring was not my own. Although there's an outside chance that there might be one of those, as well, someday.

jbreitling said...

You and Frank should form a Canadian blogger supergroup! Sorry about the gaffe. I think I made the assumption from my very first read, despite being a fan of Mr. Newman's since the release of Superconductor's "The Strip Oracle" during my college days.