July 11, 2006

Today's Hotness: Sean Lennon, Trail Of Dead, Clark

Sean Lennon>> We were suprised to read this afternoon that the other son of John Lennon, Sean Lennon, will release his long-awaited sophomore set Friendly Fire on Sept. 26 on Capitol. Lennon's excellent first solo set Into The Sun was issued eight years ago on the Beastie Boys' label Grand Royal, which was linked with Capitol and folded several years ago. Lennon tells Filter here that he has been writing and recording throughout his long hiatus. Lennon apparently has produced a short film to go with each track from Friendly Fire that "together comprise a conceptual film about betrayal and the failure of love, feature appearances from Lennon and friends including Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, Carrie Fisher, Devon Aoki, Jordana Brewster and others." You can watch the trailer for the film here, which will also give you a taste of some of the new tunes. It sounds very promising.

>> ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead has completed a new set that Interscope will issue Oct. 3. The record follows the sort of ignored 2005 set Worlds Apart and is the band's third for Interscope. Collaborators brought on board to add 'zazz to the set include Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer, who sings on one track, and Kim Crimson's Pat Mastelado, who plays percussion on a track. Billboard has more details here.

>> We may have already reported this earlier this year, but Clark, the electronic artist formerly know as Chris "Empty The Bones Of You" Clark, will release a full-length on Warp entitled Body Riddle. The set will include the track "Herr Barr," which was part of the Throttle Furniture EP issued earlier this year. Warp promises more details later this month.

>> We don't often laugh out loud at the verbal shenanigans over at PorkFitch, and we typically don't devote our precious time to discussion of bands we don't dig, but the headline for their Killers item this morning was delish. Observe.

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