July 3, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Dinosaur Jr. And Then Some

We've been sitting on this first link we fished off Freakscene.net for a few days figuring it would make good posting fodder for the weekend. As we've mentioned previously, Dinosaur Jr.'s original lineup played two songs on IFC's "The Henry Rollins Show" last week. Turns out the performances are real scorchers, particularly the version of "Raisans" that you can stream right here. J takes a solo that will burn your eyebrows off, fo shizzle. The second track the band played for the show, "Forget The Swan," has made its way online here via the YouTube. The Lou-sung number is powerfully delivered but there's nothing too energizing about it until again J takes a solo about five minutes in and shreds away most righteously. Finally, mere days before the Rollins show Mascis was north of the border doing the one-off Broken Mascis Scene show, which as you can imagine was a performance pairing J with members of the Scene for a charity event raising money for the hugging saint Amma [interesting wikipedia entry here]. A couple clips are on the YouTube from that performance, too, and we are particularly taken with the version of "Get Me" linked below. Dig it.


Jay said...

Hey mang, rbally's got a bootleg of the Broken Mascis Scene show up. I'm in the process of downloading it now.

Oh, and the Dino Jr. performances on the Rollins show did indeed rip. Don't know if you watched the interview with the band, but it was curious that Murph and Lou did all the talking and J sat there looking on silently.

jbreitling said...

I didn't watch the interview, I need to go back and check that out. Just finished downloading a bunch of Smiths stuff from Mr. Rbally. Guess I'll have to go back to check out the BMS.