July 16, 2006

Today's Hotness: The Hold Steady, TV On The Radio, Deerhoof

The Hold Steady>> According to this ILM thread, the hotly anticipated new Hold Steady record is called Boys And Girls In America and it will be released Oct. 3 on Vagrant. We confirmed the info with our friendly neighborhood Vagrant press guy. In other release news, Billboard reported here last week that TV On The Radio's Return To Cookie Mountain will hit rack Sept. 12 on Interscope. A commenter over at Chromewaves pointed out that you can stream the whole record at this Dutch (we think) site -- just scroll down by hitting "Omlaag" several times until you see the album cover, then click on it. You can stream the new Johnny Cash, Thom Yorke and Peaches records at the same link.

>> MTV Overdrive has a streaming feature on :: clicky clicky :: faves Dirty On Purpose that you can access here. Or at least you can try to. The video wouldn't load for us, but we're looking forward to seeing it when we can get it too work. The Brooklyn band is blogging its summer tour and you can follow along here.

>> Kill Rock Stars reports that Deerhoof is currently recording a new full-length for release in January. The band has tour dates with Marc Ribot and the Flaming Lips coming up.

>> Streaming media fix: In the event no one else has told you about the new Cat Power video for the tune "Lived In Bars," we're telling you that you can watch it here. And you can stream Morgan Geist's remix of the Junior Boys' "The Equalizer" here. And you can watch the video for Franz Ferdinand's revamped single version of "Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On" here. There's an e-card for the single here.

>> Is anybody really interested in a Pixies acoustic DVD?


mike said...

New Hold Steady! You've made my night...

Dany said...

love the site, thanks for the add