July 4, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Thom Yorke's The Eraser Promo Blitz

On a hunch we checked YouTube to see if the promo blitz for The Eraser was popping up anywhere else. Our hunch, it turned out, was quite correct, as these clips were posted just 12 hours ago. Above is a link to a very informative seven-minute interview with Thom Yorke concerning the record. What will you learn? Here are some bits: In case it wasn't readily apparent to you, there is an environmental theme to the record, and the most explicit tune relating to the theme is track three, "The Clock." "And It Rained All Night" was written during a sleepless, rainy night in New York and continues to explore Yorke's environmental concerns. The earliest song Yorke wrote for the set was the title track that opens the record. Besides the interview, there are four additional animated clips of about 30 seconds each for "Harrowdown Hill," "Black Swan," "The Clock" and "The Eraser." We're thrilled for this record to come out, and it will be the first time in months we've gone to the record shoppe on the release date to pick it up. We can't recall how many times we've surmised that some release will end up being our favorite of 2006 so far this year, but at least for now we feel like Yorke's effort is the one to beat. You can already order it from the XL web site here. And oh yeah, have you seen this man?

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