September 20, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 9.19.06

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy -- The Letting GoHey music fans. This week's nice batch of new releases should put a bit of a dent in your walking-around money if you are willing to part with it. The big deal is the Bonnie "Prince" Billy set -- we've only heard one track at this point, but the odd promo videos (they're on YouTube) offer a pretty enticing glimpse at, well, just how weird Mr. Oldham is. Other records that would follow along into our shopping cart are the ¡Forward Russia! set and the long-simmering collection from The Big Sleep, which is the longtime, mostly instrumental project of one-time Haywood sideman Danny Barria.

If you've got a whole lot of dough, or if you are of a certain young age and have no familiarity with Jane's Addiction's superlative early records, you should definitely snap up the Jane's best of. Although, really, you should just get the band's first three records. It's serious stuff. Those records and our other picks for the best musical propositions of the week are listed below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with our former secretarial assignments over at Insound.

The Big Sleep -- Son of the Tiger -- Frenchkiss
Bonnie "Prince" Billy -- The Letting Go -- Drag City
¡Forward Russia! -- Give Me a Wall -- Mute
Jane's Addiction -- Up From the Catacombs: The Best of Jane's Addiction -- Rhino/Warner
King Britt -- The Nova Dream Sequence -- Compost
Pere Ubu -- Why I Hate Women -- Smog Veil

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