September 27, 2006

From The Admin Cubicle: Mobius Band Tonight

Ben Sterling of Mobius BandBecause of the NEMO Conference that is descending on Boston beginning tomorrow, posting will be a bit, shall we say, anemic until the end of the weekend. In fact, we are kicking NEMO off a little early with a non-NEMO show tonight: Mobius Band and Baby Dayliner at Great Scott. We aim to review that show, as well as whatever we see Saturday night. Tomorrow night we see Yo La Tengo, and we've called in a favor to our most-rabid-YLT-fan friend, who will write up the show for us. So that's about all. The NEMO wristband giveaway we started last night is still going, so be the first one to email the answer to our easy Lemonheads trivia question in. You can totally Google the answer -- c'mon. Okay, more over the weekend. [Photo Credit].

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