December 19, 2006

Today's Hotness:, Matador, Bob Mould

>> We've had a drink or two too many out with our boss earlier tonight to finish it, but you can expect our year-end album list Wednesday or Thursday night before we shut down clicky clicky for the rest of the year.

>> Whoah, has anyone noticed the (presumably) new functionality at where if there is a (presumably) free and legal MP3 available for a song in your recently played list, it links to it? Wild. Genius. Anybody looking at our profile right now is able to get their grubby mitts on two quality Okkervil River MP3s. Of course, by the time you have read this we will have synched our IPod once more -- who knows what free rock awaits you now? And wait, if you go here, there is free indie rock galore. Crazy! is really raising its game lately.

>> Matador says bye-bye to Insound here. Maybe those pre-orders will actually start arriving on time now...

>> We think this means you can expect to see Bob Mould on "The Henry Rollins Show" sometime soon.


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