August 20, 2007

That's No Moon, It's A Ringo Deathstarr...

Ringo DeathstarrAfter our initial, breathless assessment of Beaumont, Texas-spawned shoegaze behemoth Ringo Deathstarr here in February, we sort of took our eyes off the ball. It turns out the ball hasn't moved too far in the interim. But a MySpace bulletin from the band today sucked us right back into the trio's world, one that alternately pummels and drifts in beautiful aural shag. The act, led by a fellow named Elliot Frazier, is streaming a new, palindromically titled cut at its MySpace for a limited time. So hit this link and have a listen to "Rats Live On No Evil Star."

The two-year-old Ringo Deathstarr, whose regular lineup changes are detailed in this excellent Austinist interview, is also offering for download at its MySpace hacienda some indispensable tracks. One titled "Your Town" seems to be from the same recording effort as a mysterious and intensely gorgeous RD track we have in our ITunes with no discographical info. The two have identical production values, similar breathy vocals. "Your Town" is a ballad based on layers of guitars, fuzz and murmuring. We're posting an MP3 below to save you the trip to MySpace.

Spoilt Victorian Child Records intends to release in the UK a Ringo Deathstarr EP later this year, and we are eager to hear it. In the Austinist interview linked supra Frazier says the record doesn't have US distro yet, so start saving your nickels for the import. Frazier also says the EP will be self-titled and was to have been mastered late last month. It was recorded at The Bubble in Austin, where apparently The Meat Puppets had just made a record, in case that sorta thing interests you.

Ringo Deathstarr -- "Your Town" -- MySpace download
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[obsessively click this link to Spoilt Victorian Child Records daily until you can pre-order the planned Ringo Deathstarr EP]

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