October 23, 2007

Where You Been: Haywood's Second Posthumous Release In Store

Haywood -- As Long As There Track I will Not Go BackTo hear the band tell it, Haywood has been wasting time just negotiating Times Square crowds. It has been quite some time since we made mention of the late, lamented indie rock dynamos, an act that originally hailed from our hometown -- much like The Fong. The latest word is that Haywood's second posthumous release As Long As There Is Track, I Will Not Go Back is finally for sale here via Insound. Since the band has been selling the record via its MySpace dojo since earlier this year, this is a minor convenience for the already Interweb-savvy. Even so, As Long As There Is Track... was one of our favorite records of 2006 (we had a pre-release copy), so wider distribution is definitely a good thing.

To prime your earbuds for record purchasing, here is an unreleased Haywood track. "Perils Of Fame" was one of several excellent numbers Haywood recorded with a namey indie producer in the summer of 1994. As the band was largely on hiatus from 1994 to 1996 those recordings never saw any sort of release, not even on the full-length debut odds and sods collection Model For A Monument released on Magwheel in 1997. We're also offering "A Pair Of Tragic Paper Kites" from the new record, since the band is already offering it at MySpace. And for good measure we are throwing in "Crosswords," originally from the Great Cats Give Chase cassette and subsequently released on Model. We include this final song because it is awesome and because -- if we recall correctly -- it was recorded on a four track, but still rocks most steadfastly.

Haywood -- "Perils Of Fame" -- Unreleased
Haywood -- "Crosswords" -- Model For A Monument
Haywood -- "A Pair Of Tragic Paper Kites" -- As Long As There Is Track...
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