March 26, 2012

Autochrome Record Release Show With Young Adults, Soccer Mom and Night Fruit | TT The Bear's, Cambridge | 30 March

Autochrome Record Release Show With Soccer Mom, Young Adults and Night Fruit | TT The Bear's, Cambridge | 30 March
This show has been steadily approaching for months like a bullet train through the chunnel, a glaring white light relentlessly speeding at us, closer and closer and you get the picture. Act for act, song for song, this is easily the best live bill you will see in Boston this spring, and it would seem Autochrome, which celebrates the release of its full-length debut Friday night, has used the same precision in selecting the support slots that serves it so well in crafting its alluring blend of Chameleons UK's brand of '80s darkwave and modern, antiseptic production sensibilities. So not only will Autochrome officially unveil the collection Separation Realms, but also the evening will feel sets from the creme de la creme of Boston indie rock: the ambient punk heroics of Young Adults, the brutal, shuddering beauty of Soccer Mom and the fetching dream pop of Night Fruit. Any one of these acts could anchor a sweet night of music in our little town, and the fact that all four of them appear here at once suggests the evening will be completely Chiquita (sans the paying terrorists for protection from terrorists. We think).

For Autochrome this big, big show will be the product of a carefully architected wave of buzz that began with the release of the digital promo track "100 Series" a month ago and an appearance at the modern dance night The Pill. Then last week the band gave a dominating performance on WMBR's Pipeline! live music program, which you can download right here. Last night Autochrome graced the airwaves of WZBC with another live set. Clearly the groundwork has been carefully laid, and we expect the only people more excited about the show Friday than Clicky Clicky and some other local bloggahz we've spoken with are the members of Autochrome themselves. Here's the Facebook event page for the evening in question. Now come on: feel the noise.

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