May 26, 2005

"I don't want to complain, but all I got is rain." - Small Factory.

While doing some research for our review of the forthcoming Lali Puna comp I Thought I Was Over That (cool album cover, hopefully there will be t-shirts), we came across a video for their song "Micronomic" at the band's web site. The site is in Flash, and frankly we aren't clever enough to know how to find direct links to any elements of a Flash site. So go there, navigate to the Photos/Downloads page, and click on the video. It's tres cool, and if you haven't heard the number, it is a hot one from their excellent record Faking The Books.

How about a song? It has been raining here in New England for quite a long while. So Small Factory's "Pretending It's Sunny" seems like a very obvious choice. Which it is. But it is also our favorite song off of the band's first full-length, I Do Not Love You. This tune graced many a mix tape in its day. We were equally as big a fan of Alex Kemp and Phoebe Summersqash's post-Small Factory band The Godrays, and often wonder what they've done musically since the release of the admittedly disappointing Godrays swan song, Well Composed Death Notice.

Stereogum points out that Coldplay's Chris Martin just wants Radiohead to love him back. Or something. Anyway, we promise to stop talking about Coldplay. We're really not big enough fans to even call ourselves fans.

Update: We'd like to say we weren't the tipster that inspired this item about Haywood at Philebrity. But that would be a lie. Our quip went something like "like a phoenix neck deep in ash…" but we guess they were feeling more Victorian and less Classical. We're not sure what all those random commas are doing in their blurb -- perhaps they should have just ran our email verbatim.

That is all.

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