May 2, 2005

"Little rock-and-roller, your soul is too old for America." - September 67.

Mystical Beast has a great post up about finding a sorta rare Shannon Worrell record by the side of the road in Park Slope the other day. It was a disc of unmastered stuff from Worrell's The Moviegoer record, which got a lot of spins in our pad about five years ago the year it came out. Worrell's prior project was called September 67 (formerly known as Monsoon, after the name of a bar she played in), basically just another name for her solo work. S67 put out a good record called Lucky Shoe on the short lived "corporate indie" (remember those?) The Enclave (affiliated with Thorn/EMI/Capitol) back in 1996. At that time we worked for Worrell's husband at a small paper in central Virginia. A promo of the record was kicking around the offices and we picked it up one day and gave it a whirl and it was pretty good. Not totally our thing, but the record slowly and surely worked its way into our good graces. The stuff is pretty Lilith-ish, southern gothic indie-country. If that makes any sense. But the S67 record also had an uncharacteristic little number with a drum machine beat called "Little Lantern Face" that is just a joy to listen to, and showcases Worrell's yearning voice in the simplest way. So here is that tune. Make sure to check out the Mystical Beast post.


Flizznuxblog has a post featuring a demo version of one of our favorite Sonic Youth numbers. In what has become a frequent move for the blog, it fails to mention that the cut is from the deluxe version of SY's Dirty, which streeted in 2003. Just thought we'd do our civic duty.

Splendid reviews the Bloc Party record. This was in heavy rotation in the Hondacarmatic over the weekend. We wish we had done more driving.

An interesting stat: According to GetLevitation, Jimmy Page played on 60% of of all music recorded in England between 1963 and 1966. That is crazy, no?

Coolfer takes a look at UMG's digital music sales numbers a little more closely than some other lamo operation.

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