May 11, 2005

"Not capable of hate, so it seems, but getting closer..." - BURN.

Briefly then:

Coolfer gets down to the brass tacks on the new Yahoo Music Unlimited service. The blog also takes a hard look at the money Merge has committed to push the new Spoon record with big retail chains. Very interesting.

Speaking of Merge, the Bster points us to a hysterical thread on a Merge discussion board that takes many for a ride with regards to Superchunk using session players to track their excellent On The Mouth. Check it out.

Slow Dazzle is a side project of the Mendoza Line's Shannon McArdle and Tim Bracy. They now have a web site, featuring two fairly intriguing MP3s from their forthcoming debut. We particularly like the Bracy-sung "The Prosecution Rests," and the arpeggiated piano playing off the spacey synth tone in opposite channels. Incidentally, we've just spend the last 48 hours listening to nothing but Mendoza Line's Fortune. We wish it had some rougher edges to it, but pretty much all the positive reviews were on the ball. Good songs are inherently good, no matter the production.

Coming up: The Differences, of all things.

That is all.

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