May 25, 2005

"I'll take a shot in the foot that I intended for my arm." - Haywood.

Oh, happy day. Music.For-Robots finally delivers on a long-promised Haywood post, which features one excellent cut, "A Pair of Tragic Paper Kites," from the recent studio sessions the band did. Doooo check it out. We kind of miss the dominance of the falsetto line in the chorus that was in the demo version, and would really love if one of the choruses had a huge, gritty guitar in it like in the chorus of "Crosswords" [links to audio sample at band's web site]. But it is such a pleasure to hear the song fully fleshed out we don't care. Look for the cut "Mermaid" on the M.F-R comp that is available starting later this week.

According to our Haywoodiest Haywood source, the remaining NYC-based members of the band still plan to do some more tweaks on this latest posthumous material in the studio in July, but hopefully after that gets done we'll get our paws on the stuff. Also coming our way at some point will be a few Wendyfix videos. We'll try to post one if we can get a decent-sized and -quality Quicktime file.


There is no news here, but if you can't get enough of Bob Mould being bummed that his record got pirated, Coolfer has a tidy summation. Unrelated but more interesting, the blog recycles a rumour that the Arcade Fire's new music publishing deal with EMI netted them an $850,000 advance. Hopefully that will recoup soon, before everyone goes nuts for Amusement Parks On Fire and forgets about the fire in the arcade altogether. Well, maybe not: Said The Gramophone has a b-side to the "Power Out" single.

Tim Bracy of Mendoza Line and Slow Dazzle wonders why he doesn't want to succeed. Funny.

Pet Peeve: We hate it when reviewers note they've never heard the band whose record they are reviewing before. Hellooooo, do your job and do the research. We usually just read this site for the news, but sometimes we can't help ourselves and click through to a review, and then our inner demonic editor takes over.

Splendid interviews the Hold Steady, too.

That is all.

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