May 23, 2005

"She's an indie rocker, and nothing's gonna stop her." - Archers of Loaf.

We've greatly enjoyed some time spent recently listening to the unmastered mixes of Shannon Worrell's The Moviegoer, which Mr. Mystical Beast was kind enough to send our way. Hearing different mixes of some of your favorite music is really mind-blowing, we think. We've had the good fortune to have various versions of Haywood and Kam Fong and Lilys material, for example, and often times hearing a different mix is like being able to take both hands and grab the song from between our ears, and then turn it just so and put it back down like a floral arrangement.

Anyway, we are hearing a lot of interesting ambient stuff on the Worrell recordings, as well as string parts that were excised in the final mixes and more prominent acoustic guitar playing and on and on and on. And holy crap, the accordion on "Movie Star Mom," where the hell did that come from? Why didn't it survive the final mixdown? That's just the kind of stuff we love. Moving on...


There may or may not be a shake-up in The Cure's line-up going down, according to chatter at ILM. We don't see how this makes a difference. What would make a difference is if we all hopped in a time machine and went back two decades so we could see the band perform in its prime. When the band was touring in support of Disintegration our Mom put the kibosh on us attending the show, so it wasn't until the Wish tour that we got to see them (in a strange week during which, to the best of our recollection, we also saw the Grateful Dead, the Beastie Boys and Nitzer Ebb).

Bob's pissed. Rightfully so. But we wonder how many people who downloaded some or all of the record actually held on to it. We listened to the track posted at Flizznuxblizznog, which is apparently one of the most guitar-centric cuts, and we weren't feeling it too much. We heart Bob, but we have a hard time suppressing the desire for guitary goodness that his earlier bands offered.

Here's a hot one from the New York Times: there are people out there making music WITH COMPUTERS!!

That is all.

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