May 4, 2005

"Love will get you down." - Interpol.

According to this post, it appears Music For Robots got Haywood (or what is left of them) to agree to issue one of the songs from its latest recording efforts as part of the forthcoming M.F-R compilation. Something we are proud to say we had a tiny hand in. We don't know which track it will be (Reader #6?), nor have we heard any of the new recordings, but it is something to be excited about, so start being excited... now.

points us to some sad news: When we were a kid, before Repo Records staked its claim behind the train tracks in North Wayne (before eventually moving to a store front in hoity-toity Bryn Mawr, then South Street in Philly), before there were malls (or at least before there was any reason to go to one), there was only one place to go buy punk rock t-shirts, hair dye, Doc Martens and related paraphernalia. It was Zipperhead. Remember the Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl"? It name-dropped the store. Anyway, apparently the owners of the building are raising the rents and effectively booting the store from where it has stood since 1980. While the folks who run Zipperhead own the name and plan to open a store elsewhere, it seems the original reason most of us suburban kids dared go into the city to South Street in our youths is now going the way of the Middle East, errrr... J.C. Dobbs, errr... the dodo bird.

There is interesting discussion of new MP3 blog MP3 aggregator (that is not a typo) The Hype Machine in the comments at this Stereogum post. We personally like The Hype Machine because it points us to blogs we should be reading based on the music found there. But there are some compelling arguments why the site is a little nefarious. Check it out.

The "Inside Baseball" aspect of the row between emo-metal lamos Linkin Park and Warner Music Group is interesting enough to warrant scrutiny despite the involvement of Linkin Park. Coolfer has a pair of informative posts here and here. Even the fact that the band is responsible for 3% of WMG's revenues, rather than the 10% the band asserts, is sort of remarkable. We guess there are a lot of angsty 13-year-old boys out there who still buy CDs.

Back in the day, we pretty strictly rocked the Memorex and TDK. We can vividly recall how they smell just after pulling the wrapper off. Thanks for the memories, WFMU.

One can stream the new Beck here.

That is all.

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