May 30, 2005

"You got a fake I.D. and somewhere else to be..." - All.

Some things we learned over the long weekend:

1. The Music.For-Robots comp is finally for sale at the influential blog's web site. No surprise there. However, we didn't know that they only did up 1,000 copies of the comp, so there may in fact be a need for you to go buy a copy sooner rather than later. Our favorite comps to date were all issued pre-Internet or at least pre-Internet commerce, so if those guys did up 1,000 units they probably still have 500 of them in their garages. But the M.F-R joint could move a little more rapidly, given their large readership.

2. If you haven't had a gander at Ryan Adams lately you are in for a surprise. He don't look like this no more. At least not as of his solid performance of "Let It Ride" from his new record Cold Roses last week on Letterman, which we offloaded from the TiVo into our brains late this afternoon. For the Letterman performance, which was pretty rocking and interested us very much in what this guy might be up to nowadays [UPDATE: You can snatch a very big file of hi-def video of the performance here for a likely very limited time], Adams' face was almost completely hidden under a mop of long, dirty hair, which only occasionally swung out of the way to show that Adams currently has a beard and eyeglasses. Guess he is going through a dirty phase or something. Here is some discussion of the appearance. Previously, we were only really interested in his song "Come Pick Me Up," but now we are intrigued.

3. An email from Revelation Records confirms that indeed Sammy from Judge/YOT/Side By Side played on the next two Limp Bizkit records. He is not a band member, so the story goes, but the intersection of these two worlds should give you a confused feeling for 10 minutes or so. At least that is what happened to us.

That is all.

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