May 18, 2005

"You're short on long-term goals, there's a party that we oughta go to." - Wilco.

Clicky Clicky readership has more than doubled and almost tripled in the last 6 weeks. So welcome everybody. We'll continue to do what we do. Thanks for coming around. (Some of you work for some pretty interesting companies -- media, publishing -- if anyone ever wants our services in a professional capacity, just whistle).

Music.For-Robots gives some props to the Mobius Band, and offers an MP3 of their song "I Had A Very Good Year." The item does contain what we think is news, which is the title of the band's forthcoming debut full-length. Ghostly will release The Loving Sounds of Static in August. In the meantime, do check out the Mobius Band on a three-week tour they are launching this weekend. We're sure the dates are at their web site, linked supra.

In related news, somewhere along the way a new Soltero record came out. Tim Howard of Soltero and the Mobius chaps attended our alma mater Wesleyan together in the late '90s, and the Mobius guys recorded and played on Soltero's My Heart Will Go Bowling CDR. Anyhoo, Splendid has the dope on this latest record, a self-released effort. We haven't heard any of the Soltero records since My Heart Will Go Bowling, but endorse the act on the strength of that and a very Elvis Costello-ish set we saw them play in a basement club a few years back.

One other M.F-R note: don't forget they are releasing their comp at the end of next week. Which wouldn't necessarily excite us as much as interest if it wasn't for the new Haywood track it will include.

That is all.

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