February 19, 2007

Today's Hotness: Jesu, The Cure, Interpol

Jesu>> Word on the message boards, and here at the band's official MySpace dojo, is that industrial metal behemoth Jesu has been unable to secure work permits in time for the start of the tour to support the release of Conqueror, which is in stores tomorrow. The band had intended to launch the tour in Los Angeles the same day, as we reported here as part of our review of the new record last week. According to Jesu, "[t]he band are yet to receive a date of clearance and simply have to wait until they do so before entering the U.S, hence Jesu will not be appearing at any shows with Isis until the permits are available and Jesu can leave England." In related news, Jesu bassist Diarmuid Dalton was refused a work permit for the tour and will not be playing any of the U.S. dates Jesu has booked. A frequent collaborator with Jesu bandleader Justin Broadrick named Dave Cochrane will fill in for Dalton. Likewise, Jesu's drummer Ted Parsons will not make the trek due to family commitments, and his role will be filled by an LA-based drummer for the tour.

>> We really thought The Cure were on producer Ross Robinson's I Am label -- that's what the bio "Never Enough" said when we read it recently, although that is a few years old at this point. Anyway, according this Pun Canoes item The Cure is actually signed to UMG's Suretone label now. There's even a Cure page at Suretone, and the Suretone logo is at the bottom of The Cure's web page. Perhaps it is even on The Cure -- we have a burn from a friend so we only have a general idea of what the physical release looks like. Anyway, since we are talking about them we may as well note that the only live Cure date for the foreseeable future is their headlining slot March 23 at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Fla.

>> The forthcoming third full-length from Interpol is apparently titled Moderation and will be released June 5, according to this post at Music Slut. Denizens of the Interpol forums at the band's newly revamped -- or unvamped as the case may be -- web site are less certain. Read more here.

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