February 11, 2007

Today's Hotness: Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Willow Warbler

Radiohead, courtesy of Flickr user Brad Searles>> [PHOTO CREDIT] Will the new Radiohead record be released August 6? Amazon.co.uk thinks so. Then again, they also think the long-awaited record will be issued by EMI, and we can't imagine Radiohead would re-up with them. Anyway, have a look here. [Via].

>> In addition to being able to pre-order the forthcoming Dinosaur Jr. set Beyond [links below], folks in Japan can also purchase a CD single. Or at least that's what we think the page here is saying. It looks like the A-side is "Been There All The Time," and the flip is "Back To Your Heart." Start digging in the sofa cushions for some yen. Beyond is scheduled to be released in the U.S. May 1 on Fat Possum. We have an MP3 from the record posted below.

>> Robin Saville, one half of deliciously sleepy British electronic duo Isan, has a newish solo project called Willow Warbler. You can listen to three cuts at the project's MySpace hacienda here. It doesn't sound that far removed from Isan, honestly, although the acoustic guitar on "Magpie" stands out. Isan's most recent full-length Plans Drawn In Pencil was released a year ago.

>> Readers in the Boston, MA metropolitan area should know that the Museum of Fine Arts' indie rock music series returns next month. Acts slated to perform include Dane heavyweights Under Byen, Frida Hyvonen, former Luna luminaries Dean & Britta and Amiina, a quartet best known for supplying strings to recordings by Icelandic big shots Sigur Ros. Full details on the series are online here.

>> Bob Lefsetz + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!! = FITE.

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