February 18, 2007

Today's Hotness: The Get Quick, Photon Band, J. Church

>> A recent post at Rainbow Quartz states that Philadelphia-based power pop geniuses The Get Quick have turned in to the label the follow up to 2005's How The Story Goes (not, uh, And The Story Goes, Rainbow Quartz...). No word on a release date for the new set yet, but we've sent an email off to the lads in the band -- which features Erik Evol and Mitch Joy formerly of MantaRay -- to see what else they can tell us. Bandleader Evol was once rumored to have a stockpile of cassettes with about a hundred demos on them, so keep your fingers crossed for a triple album. The band shot a video for the track "Lose It All," which we've posted atop this item. Finally, you can download some tunes from the quartet's Rainbow Quartz debut:

The Get Quick -- "New Plimsoles" -- How The Story Goes
The Get Quick -- "Seem" -- How The Story Goes
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>> While we're on the subject of Philadelphia acts (though, when are we not?), long-running indie rock concern The Photon Band says "for the first time since 2003, [it] will play out more regularly, and [release] new material." To that end the band, fronted by Art DiFuria, has recorded a new five-song digital EP titled Get Down Here In The Stratosphere. One track from the EP, unsurprisingly titled "Stratosphere," is streaming here at the band's MySpace yert. The set will be available for purchase beginning March 8 at the usual online music storefronts.

>> The first new J. Church record in three years is now available for pre-order here and will be released March 13. The pop-punkers' set is titled The Horror Of Life and features 16 cuts, including the preview track "Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive," which has been floating around the Internet for quite a while at this point. And it is only seven bucks! J. Church fronter Lance Hahn has battled severe health problems of late, which we've noted here and here. So you should buy at least two copies of the record to help him out. Also well worth tracking down is the amazing compilation Nostalgic For Nothing. Anyway, here is "Vampire Girl..." for those of you who didn't snatch it the first time we posted it.

J. Church -- "Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive" -- The Horror Of Life
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>> Singer songwriter Jana Hunter will release a sophomore set on Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong label in April. There's No Home was recorded over the course of two weeks in Houston in September and October. Ms. Hunter's prior Gnomonsong release, the dark collection Blank Unstaring Heirs Of Doom, was compiled from many years' worth of recordings; we reviewed it over at World Of Sound here in December 2005. There's No Home, despite its downer title, is described as more "extroverted."

>> We Hear: that the new Julie Doiron is really great; that the leaked Modest Mouse is either incredibly disappointing, if you are a message board denizen, or is pretty OK, if you are Stereogum; that if you put the name of a popular band with a hotly anticipated record about to come out in a blog post along with the word "leak" your traffic gets a boost. Got an item for We Hear? Send it to wehearclickyclicky (at) gmail (dot) com.


art difuria said...

this is art from the photon band...

thanks for the blurb on "stratosphere". i really appreciate it.

i'm commenting because, unfortunately, the release of "stratosphere" has been delayed yet again. at this point i'm not even sure when it will come out.

but as soon as i know something definitive (no REALLY definitivie!!!), i'll blog it @ www.myspace.com/photonband...

thanks again for mentioning us!


jbreitling said...

Hey Art -- thanks for coming by. I'll keep an eye on yr MySpace blizznog.