April 25, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 4.25.06

REFUSED ARE FUCKING DEADThis week's new releases are sort of like a flashback to the '90s. Just look at the names below: Depeche Mode (well, they're more of an '80s thing, but we're talking about Violator), Eleventh Dream Day, Elf Power, Refused. In a way it warms the heart. But in another perhaps more important way it is probably indicative of the overall weakness of the new release slate this week that the two things we are most excited about are the Violator expanded reissue and the Refused DVD. But that Rakes record is sposed to be pretty hot, and if you are the kind of person who buys singles you obviously gotta rock that Psapp joint. And then there's the two Tom Verlaine solo sets. All our picks for best new releases of the week are below, and hyperlinks go to related commercial opportunities with our former lifting partners over at Insound.

Depeche Mode -- Speak and Spell CD+DVD -- Sire/Rhino
Depeche Mode -- Music for the Masses CD+DVD -- Sire/Rhino
Depeche Mode -- Violator CD+DVD -- Sire/Rhino
Eleventh Dream Day -- Zeroes and Ones -- Thrill Jockey
Elf Power -- Back To The Web -- Rykodisc
Metric -- Grow Up & Blow Away -- Restless
Psapp - Tricycle -- Domino
The Rakes -- Capture/Release -- V2
Refused -- Are Fucking Dead DVD -- Epitaph/Burning Hearts
The Streets -- The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living -- Vice
Tom Verlaine -- Around -- Thrill Jockey
Tom Verlaine -- Songs and Other Things -- Thrill Jockey

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