July 20, 2008

Speaking In Code Electronic Music Doc Complete, New Trailer

We've followed with interest via MySpace bulletins and email updates for seemingly all three years of its incubation the progress of the electronic music documentary "Speaking In Code,". Hell, we even threw in a small amount of cash during one of their pleas for funding. So we were pleased when it was announced last month that the film was complete. "Speaking In Code" is the labor of love of Boston filmmaker Amy Grill, who is the partner of electronic music impresario and music critic David Day. The theme conveyed by the trailer -- paraphrased anyway -- is people giving their lives over to a style of music for which mainstream international acceptance seems closer everyday. The film features already huge names in minimal -- and particularly European -- electronic music, including Ellen Allien, Apparat, Michael Mayer and Wolfgang Voigt. A recently launched web site for the film can be found at this link, where you can also see a list of the acts whose music is featured in the film. "Speaking In Code" has been screened by certain select lucky few (Beatport has a review here), and as of last month it was being submitted to certain international film festivals.

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