July 31, 2008

YouTube Rodeo: Lilys Live On Top Of The Pops

Well here's something we've never seen before. Kurt Heasley's Lilys performing "Nanny In Manhattan" live on Top Of The Pops. We had been laboring under the belief for many years that TOTP performances were always mimed (hence this classic Nirvana clip), but Heasley and gang were most certainly tearing it up live on February 20, 1998. We keep a pretty regular vigil over Lilys clips posted to YouTube, but it seems like since we last checked in a few hot new clips have popped up. This link, for example, points to a clip of the band miming the same track nine days prior to the performance above for something called The Jack Docherty show. If you can't get enough of the track, here is a live performance recorded the same year at Schuba's in Chicago.

Lilys -- "A Nanny In Manhattan (Live)" -- Schuba's, Chicago, 2003
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Christian said...

That Nirvana clip is totally ace.